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cheapflightsfare.com is one of the leading Hybrid travel company founded in Shoreview,Minnesota. cheapflightsfare.com is a subsidiary of AeroDrome Flyers and Technology Inc, an American Multinational Travel group, focused on matching the latest travel technology with exceptional, one-on-one customer service and wholesale pricing to create the world’s highest-quality experience at the best value for the travelers.

Inspired by our founder Mr. Ravi Tiwari his vision is to use the best technology, manpower expertise, and other resources, find meaningful travel solutions, to give you a memorable travel experience. cheapflightsfare.com provides 24/7 service via our call center support, online support, personalized and dependable service at our local offices.

At cheapflightsfare.com we’re passionate about travel. We believe in more surprising, extraordinary, and rewarding travel experiences. From a short flight to a magnificent dream vacation, whatever it is, we help our clients to find perfect harmony in creating a journey of a lifetime.

With over one hundred years of combined experience in providing travel solutions to enthusiastic travelers from USA to worldwide destinations, Our team of trip experts will help you to get the best deal for your dream vacation, complex business trips or a good deal on a random flight. Come and visit us online at cheapflightsfare.com, call 24/7 .

We are passionate about our customer service. As travel lovers, we understand that your journey begins with the excitement of planning your trip with cheapflightsfare.

We have strategic partnership with over 400 airlines . We will use our resources to explore and present the best options for you to make your trip a seamless journey. As a leading hybrid travel company, cheapflightsfare.com will give you access to an unrivalled range of domestic and international travel services.

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cheapflightsfare is owned by its parent organization Aerodrome Flyers and Technology Inc, an American Multinational Travel Group has its global Headquarters in Shoreview,Minnesota, USA. Aerodrome Flyers and Technology Inc is a privately owned holding company with years of experience behind it.

Our organization is backed by the strength of our trip experts and executive leadership with decades of experience in the airline and travel industry. The track record of our founders include established and successfully managed multimillion dollar global travel company, creating a team of highly motivated employees, empowered to work independently in each of their field of expertise.

cheapflightsfare is a prestigious global entity, with a corporate structure consisting of a spectrum of empathetic people with core values, that makes cheapflightsfare the best corporate citizen in a class of its own.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible options for their travel needs, while being conscious of their personal preferences, we leverage our pricing power combined with our expertise to deliver a price that would be closest to their budget.

Our Mission

“Travel for less with cheapflightsfare.com”. Our mission is to stand behind our tagline, help our customers achieve that happy medium between a world class service and the best price. We will do everything in our power to deliver beyond our customer’s expectations, providing value added services, by optimizing our resources, to be the most professional, efficient and innovative travel facilitator, whilst being an ethically and socially responsible corporate citizen.


cheapflightsfare is an online portal, with an advance flight booking engine that searches over 400+ airlines, and airlines deals offered by multiple suppliers. The booking engine automatically shows the results after filtering through various deals offered on a given flight , only to show you the lowest out of them all. Our primary objective is meet customer needs', therefore as customers you would get multiple options to choose from, flying anywhere in the world.

Our Network

At cheapflightsfare, we strive and continue to build a strong network of suppliers or travel consolidators that provide negotiated fares for different destinations and airlines. This helps us to show more useful flight options that customers prefer to book instantly or if your reservation is made offline/over the phone then once your receive the email, it is sent for to the suppliers for issuance of your tickets.

Level of Experience

On an average each of our trip experts have a minimum of five to ten years of work experience in their field of expertise, in addition to some of the executive officers counting over 25 years each. We have over one hundred years of combined experience in the global travel industry.

Products and Services

Flights- Air Tickets; Domestic and International, . The benefit from buying through us is that we provide 24/7 post sales service through a multichannel distribution system. Our key features are our professionally trained well experienced friendly trip experts and key selling points. All these would be leveraging our pricing power with our vendors to deliver wholesale prices to our retail clients.

How are We Different From Our Competition?

cheapflightsfare is not just an ordinary online travel agency, but is a unique source for all travel needs with a new paradigm in booking travel online. Our extraordinary blend of service, popularly stated as “hybrid” because of its multi-channel service delivery option is what make us unique.

We are passionate and love what we do and challenge ourselves every day to deliver beyond the customer’s expectations. We don’t just book travel, but we help you to build memories through travel, in experiencing exotic destinations, making new friends, experiencing the magic of cultural diversity and it is all the memories you bring back home.

Our multilingual trip experts who understand cultural diversity, is our unique edge in providing world class service to our valuable customers.

Airlines availability and prices

The airlines prices and availability fluctuate quite rapidly and dynamically. Keeping this in mind our fares are constantly updated with the changing prices and availability of seats. These prices get updated , every time you search on our website. The availabilty may or may not change upon searching again. Sometimes there can be substantial savings, however usually the wide array of travel options helps our customers in getting the most economical flight bookings for them.

We are available 24 hours , 7 days a week and 365 days in the year. We are happy to serve your needs.

Call us on 1800-547-0086 or make your airlines reservations today, We are happy to serve you.