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Change Policy

It is advisable that you fully understand and agree to the date change policy of the flight you are going to book. By using services of www.cheapflightsfare.com you automatically agree to the change policy of your reservation.A date change request must be notified via phone only.We do not accept date change request over the email or chat .The date change request is considered confirmed or completed accepted only after we send you an email confirming that the date change request has been accepted and processed.

  • Date change on same day of booking the reservation: You can make a date change to your reservation within 24 hrs form the time the reservation was ticketed and issued without any penalty or fees but may be subject to a change in the fare depending on the fare availability.
  • Date change after same day of booking: After the 24 hrs period has passed (from the time the reservation was ticketed and issued ), the date change can stil be performed as long as the date change policy of your reservation allows you to change your flights. This will usually incur a fixed airline penalty usually between (but not limited to) CAD $200.00 - CAD $350.00 depending on the airlines, destination or travel period or as advised on your E ticket. Apart from a fixed penalty, a fare difference may be collected if there is a difference in the fare between the original and new dates selected.
  • Date change in case of no show: In case of no show, your booking might get cancelled and you may not receive any refunds either. Some airlines however may apply a no show fee along with date change penalty and variable fare difference to allow you to change your travel date. This is done only at the sole discretion of the airlines.
  • Name changes /Corrections: Name changes/corrections must be notified via phone only. Name changes are not permitted by the airlines in any case whatsover by the airlines after the first 24 hours from the time the reservation was ticketed and issued. For any name corrections if the the airlines permit has to bee done within 24 hrs form the time the reservation was ticketed and issued . From the next calendar date of booking, Name corrections might not entirely be possible or the airlines in some cases accept minor changes after incurring a fees. The discretion from the next calendar date lies solely with the airlines incase of any name corrections.